• Reviewers are essential contributors to the publication process, offering impartial evaluations of submitted manuscripts.
  • Timely feedback from reviewers is crucial, focusing on the manuscript's relevance to the journal, originality, and proper citation of relevant literature.
  • Reviewers assess the clarity and appropriateness of the methodology, ensuring that conclusions align with reported results.
  • They evaluate the execution of statistical analyses and the overall comprehensibility of the manuscript, even in cases where English proficiency may be imperfect.
  • Technical accuracy is a key responsibility, involving a thorough check of scientific notations, equations, figures, diagrams, and references for errors.
  • The 'Double-blind' peer-review process conceals both authors' and reviewers' identities, reducing biases in the evaluation.

Reviewers Opinion

  1. Major or Minor Revision:Reviewers may suggest major or minor revisions based on factors such as English comprehension, references editing, and figure reformatting.
  2. Reviewer Rejection:Manuscripts can be rejected if they present a misrepresented approach or unproven scientific concepts.
  3. Acceptance:Well-written submissions that significantly contribute to existing knowledge in the respective field are accepted.Exceptional papers, recognized for innovation and thorough research, become valuable ../assets in advancing scientific progress.