Expertise in Subject Matter:

Demonstrate expertise in the relevant subject area to contribute valuable insights to the journal.

Reviewing Submitted Manuscripts:

Conduct thorough reviews of submitted manuscripts, providing constructive feedback and recommendations.

Advising on Journal Policy and Scope:

Offer guidance on the journal's policies and scope to ensure alignment with industry standards and scholarly objectives.

Identifying Subjects and Conferences for Special Issues:

Propose subjects and conferences for special issues, potentially assisting in their organization and guest editing.

Attracting New Authors and Submissions:

Actively engage in efforts to attract new authors and submissions to enhance the journal's content diversity.

Submitting Own Work for Consideration:

Ideally, submit personal work for consideration, contributing to the journal's content.

Ensuring Manuscript Quality and Publishing Schedule:

Maintain a supply of high-quality manuscripts to meet the journal's publishing schedule; address issues related to insufficient submissions.

Keeping Abreast of Field Developments:

Stay informed about emerging work in the field and ensure that the journal reflects any changes in the subject matter.

Selection of Editorial Board:

Provide suggestions for the selection of the editorial board in collaboration with the publishing contact.

Engaging Editorial Board:

Engage the editorial board regularly through formal meetings or informal discussions to update them on journal progress and seek input.

Strategic Input for Journal Development:

Provide strategic input for the journal's development, collaborating with the publishing contact on performance reports and development strategies.

Commercial Opportunities and Revenue Generation:

Encourage the exploration of commercial advertising, supplement, and reprint opportunities to support revenue generation for the journal.

Promotion of the Journal:

Actively promote the journal among peers and colleagues to increase visibility and attract potential contributors.

Differentiated Editorial Roles:

Acknowledge that due to the vast number of submissions and broad journal scope, different editorial roles (Editor-in-chief, Co-Editors, Associate Editors, Section Editors, Editorial Advisor, External Editors, Guest Editors) may be needed for informed decision-making across various subject areas.