Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is a grave breach of academic integrity and is strictly prohibited by Aytin Publication, a reputable open-access publisher. Our plagiarism policy is established to guarantee that all manuscripts and content published in our journals adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity.

  1. Detection of Plagiarism:

    Aytin Publications employs advanced plagiarism detection software to scrutinize all submitted manuscripts for potential plagiarism prior to the peer review process. Should plagiarism be identified, the manuscript will be rejected outright.

  2. Retractions:

    If plagiarism is uncovered post-publication, the affected article will be retracted immediately, and the authors will be duly informed.

  3. Consequences:

    Authors found guilty of plagiarism will be held accountable and may face disciplinary measures. These may encompass a prohibition from publishing in Aytin Publication journals, revocation of academic degrees, and other legal repercussions.

  4. Attribution:

    All sources utilized in the manuscript must be correctly cited and referenced in accordance with the prescribed citation style.

  5. Responsibility of Authors:

    Authors bear the responsibility to ensure the originality of their work and its freedom from plagiarism.

  6. Responsibility of Reviewers:

    Reviewers are equally responsible for identifying instances of plagiarism and should report any suspicious findings to the editor.

  7. Transparency:

    Aytin Publications is committed to transparency in identifying and addressing plagiarism cases.

    Aytin Publications is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the academic record and will take all necessary actions to ensure that all articles published in our journals are original and devoid of plagiarism.